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Gabe Watches the Classics XXX: 12 Angry Men

I grabbed this one on a recommendation from a colleague at work - he’s right about the quality of the acting here.

Without a single cut or scene change for the majority of the film (Broadway adaption, clearly), the 12 jurors held my attention throughout. Each are fully-formed characters in spite of varying lengths of screen time.

A few scenes in particular are powerful - the one in the final third dealing with prejudices in particular.

I really enjoyed this film. It was a highly entertaining watch, and might be one I keep as a favorite from this.

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I have an intense desire to visit this place.

If and when I get to Phoenix, Arizona, this is on the list.

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Preparations for the train tour are juuuust about finished.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve been spending all this time sitting on my hands since I secured this blog name.

Already got the hotel rooms reserved.

And the train tickets purchased.

All I need now are the tickets to each game.

Stay tuned - the important bits are still a few months yet.

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I was bored at Montana’s.

Took a while for my food to arrive, so I naturally broke out the crayons and started scribbling. My server came around after I had finished the plumbers and said that she wanted me to draw the rest of the Nintendo cast.

So I did.

The princess on the left were incredibly rushed, and I still can’t get Bowser’s face right from the front.

But those are among the better plumbers I’ve drawn. Hell, even DK looks good.

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Gabe Watches the Classics XXIX: Schindler’s List

Aaargh. Somehow I only managed to get the first 2 hours and 13 minutes of the film onto my PlayBook. I think it still counts, and I’ll try to watch the rest of it somehow.

But I might as well get this post up on time, if nothing else.

EDIT: Now updated with the rest of the film.

This is a dark and unsettling movie. Spielberg does not shy away from showing the Holocaust in all of its horror. Death is always present, humiliation even more so.

The cinematography is powerful - the quick-cut scene showing a party, a wedding, and a beating in particular stood out. There’s only one splash of color in an otherwise black and white film - a little girl’s red coat - and its reappearances make the emotional punches all the harder.

The acting is subdued, letting the action and setting take precedence. Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler is a reluctant hero, one who slowly embraces the role as time progresses and completes the heel-face turn in the final half-hour. The Nazi captain, Amon Goeth (played by Ralph Fiennes), has this weird, almost Peter Sellers voice that actually make him a bit endearing. Repulsive, still, but a bit endearing.

The ending was an appropriate, albeit incomplete, catharsis. Since it’s based in history, the ending’s hard to spoil, but seeing so many survivors thanks to one man was awe-inspiring.

It’s hard to say I liked the film. It’s unsettling. To think that this was possible, done by other human beings (and we Canadians are not completely innocent here - ask a Japanese grandparent), it’s enough to lose faith in humanity.

I can only appreciate how lucky I am living where and when I am.

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Gabe Watches the Classics XXVIII: All About Eve

Hey, Netflix finally gets its stuff together and picks up more classic films! Watched this one yesterday on the most competent hotel Wi-Fi I’ve ever used.

A few things leapt out at me in this film. The first is how perfectly cast Bette Davis was for the role of Margo Channing. Pitch-perfect.

The second is how you can draw a straight line from this movie to Sunset Boulevard (released the same year) in terms of how aging actresses are known for their campiness. Just compare Norma Desmond’s opulence with Margo’s.

The third is the big character twist in the middle of the film. I swear, it’s the best-executed face-heel turn I’ve ever seen, and it comes out of seemingly nowhere. It’s also got a swell moment of just desserts in the finish.

Finally, this is a dark comedy, but a comedy nonetheless. Plenty of snark from all corners, especially Addison DeWitt. I had a few good laughs, and a grin on my face from start to finish.

It earned a whackload of accolades upon its release; I say it’s earned them.

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Badass Peach in official Nintendo comics~

Active protagonist Peach is best Peach.

I adored these comics when they ran in Nintendo Power back in the early 1990s (around the release of Super Mario World, which is what they’re loosely based on), and it’s a shame that they didn’t keep this style going afterwards.

(Source: firevideogamemaster92)

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Gabe Watches the Classics XXVII: Psycho

This man has…issues.

I didn’t expect the first third of the movie to go the way it did - Marion Crane just takes off with $40,000 in cash with no real motivation or plan. She almost gets away with it too, were it not for her choice in stopover location.

Once the film moved past the famous shower scene, things go more or less by the book for a murder mystery whodunnit.

The acting is this film is topnotch. Anthony Perkins’ portrayal of Norman Bates does a dead-on imitation of the mannerisms of an introvert being pushed a bit too far.

I know I’m being trite, but it’s late and I almost forgot to watch a film this week.

Psycho ranks higher than Vertigo in my books. New favorite Hitchcock film.

UPDATE: And oh yeah, the title sequence. Fantastic.

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it’s really cool Disney are making villain-themed covers for a lot of their classic movies but at the same time that Frollo cover is goddamn scary

wait so is this the dvds they sell now?

the front cover is, but you slide that off and you get the usual princess cover underneath

Where do I find these again? They look like huge improvements over some of the covers I’ve seen and own.

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Day 179 - Genie for Gabe.

This was wholly unnecessary and an amazing surprise. Thank you so much!

Go follow Raevynn - she’s almost at the halfway mark of her own draw-something-every-day project, and she’s grown immensely in skill